Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exerting Her Independence

I noticed Little Abbey's independence street perhaps first when she refused to sit in a highchair almost as soon as she could walk. She allowed us to use a booster seat for a time but even that too was soon relinquished to the dusty corners of the basement. Other things followed. The refusal to eat with her hands no matter how difficult eating with silverware was for her, refusal to drink from a sippee cup, refusal to have her hands held while walking and even refusing to ride in her stroller all eventually showed their heads and after much fussing, we would relent and let her have it her way.

Then a couple months ago, she went from laying down and going to sleep or taking a nap without a fuss to doing everything in her power to avoid being near her bed, which was a crib that I had lowered down and taken one side off so that she could enter and leave at will. The tantrums would usually last only a couple of minutes before she would give up and go to sleep but they were consistent throughout those months. Only by coincidence that we learn that if she was put to sleep on our bed or the guest bed, she was happy and didn't fuss. After awhile, I began to suspect that her independence had reared its head again and she wanted to sleep in an 'adult' bed. So the search began.

We kept tabs on the auction circuit and eventually found an auction with twin beds. I wrote about that here. I eventually stripped as much of the old paint off of the bed that I could and repainted it. After some searching, we also were able to find a mattress where the price and quality seemed in-line of each other and we set the whole works up this past weekend. Little Abbey seemed thrilled and hardly wanted to leave her bed, even for lunch. After lunch on a lark, we told her to go take her nap, something that would have been ignored on any other day. Immediately she went up stairs and was silent. I went up to check on her ten minutes later only to find her sound asleep in her new bed. As the week has gone by, the fussing has been reduced dramatically. She still fusses when she thinks it is not time for bed but she doesn't fuss anymore about her bed. With that she has exerted her independence and is happy.

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