Friday, June 20, 2008

Little Abbey Update: She Doesn't Joke Around... Yet

I bought Little Abbey a shiny red metal tricycle for her birthday despite the warnings. All the literature said it was a three-year-old skill. Countless people on the web said the tricycles tipped over easily and didn't fit their two-year-old child. One person even complained that the bike can partially assembled and the directions were step by step so they had to take everything apart to make sure they had been assembled correctly. However, Little Abbey has continued to top the scales of the growth chart and it as tall as all her three-year-old peers so I went ahead and bought it.

I gave the tricycle to her a couple weeks out of boredom one afternoon. Yes it had been partially assembled in the box but unlike the other reviewers, I figured that the factory had probably done a good job assembling them right and didn't bother to take them apart first. With little prompting, Little Abbey gladly jumped up on the seat and could reach the pedals but didn't know how to pedal them. I wasn't surprised because pedaling isn't an inherited trait we know straight from the womb. Instead she mostly shuffled around with her toes pushing off from the floor.

A couple weeks later at her actual birthday, she could actually pedal a half revolution forward and another half revolution backward but still preferred to shuffle around with her toes. A couple weeks after her birthday and she started pedaling it one evening like she had been doing it all her life. Now a week after she began pedaling, she is learning how to ride on the back deck and other tricks. It's amazing how fast they learn when given the tools to do so.

For over eighteen months, Little Abbey never spoke words or at least I didn't understand them. Then slowly she began to pick them up here or there or at least I began to understand what she wanted. Then a language explosion happened several months before her birthday and continues onto this day. We went from picking up handfuls of words a day to speaking multiword sentences it seems almost over night. I want out is perhaps one of her favorites. She loves to go out on the back deck and play, go on walks with us, or just go for a ride in the car wherever we may be heading.

She has also turned into a little fashionista. No longer can we just pick out her clothes and put them on. She has to pick out the ones and will refuse to wear any that she doesn't like. For the clothes, this hasn't been too much of a problem since she has better taste than me but it does sometime remain a problem when it comes to shoes. She has a pair of pink Crocs that have become her favorite even it they don't match her outfit. I guess in that way she is like me. Comfort it king.

I know I've said this before but I'll say it again. This stage in Little Abbey's life is my favorite by far. I've also resigned myself that I'll keep saying that for a while, probably until about age 14 when I no longer am cool and am treated like a leper. But for now, she oozes personality and we have a basic vocabulary to communicate back and fourth so it makes for a really fun time. The facial expressions grow more rich everyday and I can tell she has done something wrong merely by seeing her guilty look or tell when she is about to run across the room and jump on me by her mischievous grin. One day she asked for juice so I got down a glass, filled it with juice, walked back to the living room and acted like I was going to drink it myself. The look on her face as it went from anticipation to deep sadness was amazing. She doesn't take joking very well. But as soon as I gave the glass of juice to her, it went back to the look that I was the worlds greatest dad. That's a look that is hard to beat.

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