Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Iowa Floods 2008: Part Three

Saturday we took the day off and monitored the situation via the constant coverage, none of which looked good. On Sunday, we drove down to the farm for father's day in another what is becoming typical heavy downpour. As I drove across the Des Moines, it was past the flood stage but not yet in the town. Because it was raining and miserable out, I just kept on driving. On the way back, we went another route but as you can see by the picture above, the water was over the road. I probably could have driven through this first overflow but I knew that the bridge just a quarter mile past was even lower and there was no chance of driving over it. So I ended up driving all the way back and going the same way I had come down.

The sun was out by this time so we stopped to join the crowd of people in the local city park taking pictures and talking about the flood. Back in '93, the water was another couple feet deeper than it is now however, this is a different drainage to the one that Iowa City and Cedar Rapids sits along. This one was bad, but still not as bad as '93 and we also had the advantage of having lots of time to prepare this time around, which can make all the difference in the world. Sometime on Monday, the river crested. We wait to see the extent of the damage.

Also Monday, I finally was able to Google news of our friend’s apartment complex in Iowa City. It was flooded according to the news but pictures show mostly the parking lots and low spots in the grassy commons area. That was Saturday and around the time of the crest of the flood. I hope this bodes as good news but six inches isn't much insurance and the timing of the photos could be off. I guess I'm still waiting to see but it would be very nice if they remained dry.

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