Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tricycle! Tricycle! I want to ride my Tricycle!

I took everyone's advice, some after the fact, and gave Little Abbey her tricycle this weekend after doing some assembly. With almost no encouragement, she climbed right up onto the seat and was happy as a June bug. With some encouragement, she would scoot all the way forward on the seat and was just able to reach the pedals. I'm still working on getting her to actually peddle. For now, she just straddles it and goes rolling all over the house by shuffling her feet. She is very happy. I'm waiting for a while before letting her take it outside where the concrete is much harder and more abrasive to skin. She hasn't tipped it over yet but that day is coming, it is just a matter of win.

After much procrastination, I finally uploaded pictures off my digital camera. Actually with all the video footage I took during my last business trip and recent trip to Chicago, the 1-gigabyte memory card was full and forced my hand. I will post a few of the pictures as chances arise and I can find something to say about them. Perhaps even a blurry shot of Little Abbey looking away from the camera for those dedicated fans of them.

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