Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Teenage Little Abbey Already!

Ah yes, those dreaded rebellious years of the early teens have come almost a dozen years early to the Abbey household. On Monday, Little Abbey ignored the lights and the sounds of me rummaging through her clothes to pick out an outfit for her to wear. She slept through me carrying everything into our room where I usually dress her on the bed while we watch the morning headlines. She bitterly complained when I tried to pick her up and carry her into our room, telling me in no uncertain terms, "NO!……. GO!" and somewhat pointing in the general vicinity of the doorway. I would have loved to but she doesn't yet understand that in order for daddy to get paid, he must get to work on time and thus, she needs to get to daycare on time too.

She complained during dressing that she was tired and at points, I felt like I was trying to put a shirt on a pissed off crocodile but eventually she relaxed and allowed me to dress her. With that task complete, I put her on the floor where her normal routine is to turn the news off and shut the hutch doors but on that day, she made a break for it and went running for her bedroom and flopping on her bed. Once again, I had to get her out of bed despite the protests.

I followed her downstairs where she protested getting her shoes on and her jacket. She tried to make a break for the stairs and her bedroom but this time it was half hearted and I cut her off at the past. Finally as we exited into the garage from the great room and she saw that we were taking my little black Honda Civic to daycare, she was happy.

During the winter when every morning meant a half hour of scraping the car outside in the cold before leaving, I opted for driving our minivan. However, now that spring is back, we have switched back over to the Civic, which Little Abbey loves. Her car seat is now in the passenger seat right next to me which she loves because she can see me and sits high enough she can see out all the windows and point out the passing babies and cars that she sees. Although it isn't recommended for children less than 5 years of age to sit in the front seat, I compromise on the short three blocks to daycare at less than 25 miles per hour. If we are going across town or further and at higher speeds, it is in the back seat she goes which in a Honda Civic coupe and a guy who is a few inches over six feet, requires an extreme contortion act to do. Hence why she rides in the front booster seat now that she can't fit in her cradle with the easy one click base that remains behind attached to the rear seat.

So in conclusion, she loves to sleep in now, with the exception of weekends and loves to ride in daddy's little coupe. If she asks for the keys tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised. After all, the teenage years have come early to the Abbey household.

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