Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Abbey Goes 'Shrooming'

Sunday was a beautiful warm day with temperatures in the upper 70's so we drove down to my parent's farm for lunch after church. After the dishes were all put away, I was having a hard time sitting there in the couch and staying awake. Finally my father asked if we would like to go hunt for some mushrooms and I jumped at the chance to get outside, to get my heart pumping and hopefully to wake up. Of course my mom volunteered to stay home with Little Abbey but I said we had brought our all terrain stroller that we bought at a garage sale for five bucks and that we could all go if she wanted too. That is exactly what happened.

We drove up the rode to our super secret spot where we always find a lot of mushrooms, loaded ourselves with our mushroom sacks and put Little Abbey in the stroller. As we walked down to the draw where the mushrooms grow like dewdrops on a cool fall morning, Little Abbey seemed like she was fighting sleep as well. She just sat almost comatose in her stroller. As we entered the woods, I knelt down and asked if she wanted out and she all but jumped out of the stroller and was off.

I gave her a stick to push aside weeds or other plants that might obscure a mushroom from vision and soon L.A. was imitating us by swatting the ground now and then as she walked. At times she had a hard time tripping over sticks, getting hemmed in by falling or thick brush or coming to little cuts in the earth that she couldn't cross. All in all, she just loved going mushrooming with us and I know in a couple more years, she is going to be succumbing to the madness just like the rest of us.

Speaking of which, the rest of us didn't have any luck. Just from experience and knowing how things look during the prime of the 'shrooming' season, it was just a little too early, barely. I'm guessing that during this week, perhaps even now, the first gray morels are popping up. But do to the rain and overcast skies, it might be closer to the end of the week. By next week, the season will be in full swing and I am going to be in a place where mushrooms don't grow. More on that later. So for now, I am praying that the warm 80 degree weather stays away for the time being because nothing ends a 'shrooming' season like 80+ degree temperatures for a couple days in a row. I'm hoping for sunshine and low 70's for the next couple weeks.

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