Monday, March 31, 2008

Why Giving Up Freedoms For Security Is a Bad Thing

Imagine if you from one country will that you married the girl of your dreams but she is from another second country and religion as yours. You want to learn about your new wife's religion so you travel to another third country to really see it first hand. Two weeks, as you are leaving by bus, it is stopped and you are singled out. Evidently, a third country is paying this country $3000 for each foreigner that is turned over. You are shackled and flown on a plane to another country, the fourth in this scenario.

When you arrive at the fourth country, things turn worse. You are beaten with your head held under water, with many hits directed towards your abdomen to force you to allow water into your lungs. You are strapped to a device and shocked for hours on end. You are hung by only your wrists from the ceiling of an airplane hangar for five days, only being let down for a doctor every so often to make sure you aren't going to inadvertently die on them. All the while they ask you about some terrorist group whom you have never even heard.

Eventually they charge you with being in the vicinity of a known terrorist in the fourth country of this scenario. Remember, the fourth country is where you have been in custody the entire time while being tortured over the last year and a half. You are flown to a fifth country.

By this time, your captors have written in writing that they have nothing indicating that you are guilty of any of the charges they have given you. They also have it in writing from your own country and your wife's country that you are completely innocent. Never the less, you are kept in complete isolation with no lights and forced to endure periods of excruciating cold and heat while being interrogated once a day. Three and a half more years go by.

Someone in your government finally negotiates your release. Your captors hold guns to your head and tell you to sign a confession admitting you were guilty all along or else…. You decide you would rather die and say no. They chain you in a plane and a few minutes before landing in your home country, they finally unshackle you. Five years have been taken from your life. Your wife has long ago divorced you. You can never leave your country because you are on some terrorist no fly list.

Yet another true story of a German man being held in Afghanistan and later Guantanamo Bay before finally being released. If you don't remember the last one I told you, it can be reread here. How many more stories like these are there? When you allow a government to run unchecked, I'm guessing many more.

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