Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Little Abbey At 20 Months

I'm a few days short of Little Abbey turning 20 months, only four months from being aged by years instead of months, but it is better late than never. My wife and Little Abbey were out when I returned from my trip exhausted so I went to bed and woke up a few hours later with both of them squealing with delight. There is no finer way to be awakened in my opinion. One of my first thoughts after getting the thick cobwebs cleared out of my mind was that Little Abbey acted as if she were a year older and I had only been about five days. I guess when your life span is measured in months, one week is a long time.

Little Abbey is progressing in the speech department though she is behind some of her internet peers of the similar age. She understands almost everything I tell her but just doesn't speak as many words. She did pick up the word 'no' which is one she could have not learned for awhile in my opinion. She knows the word grandpa now much to grandma's displeasure. I'm guessing she can say two or three dozen words, most of them take quite the imagination to understand for those who don't here her say them everyday.

Everyday, I swear that she is a pound heavier than the day before but when she goes and stands on the bathroom scale, (she loves to see the readout blink), her weight is the same as the day before. The only remaining plausible theory is that I'm getting weaker or the scale is not calibrated for smaller weights. I hope it is the latter. She is growing bigger in size if not weight because none of her clothes seem to fit. Already she is wearing clothing for three year olds, mostly because the two-year-old stuff is too short. Her shoes are also for three year olds because one for 18 to 24 months and 2 to 3 year old sizes are just too small. I think she is definitely taking after me in the departments of tall height and oversized feet.

We have a small 3-rung ladder in our house that my vertically challenged wife uses to get in the upper shelves when I am not home. Little Abbey has learned to push it around where ever she goes and climbs all three rungs, thus allowing her to crawl right on top of the kitchen counter if she so desired. She hasn't yet out of fear that she couldn't get back down but I expect that to change any day now. This is handy when we are cooking because she will stand up along side us and watch in between stealing tastes of whatever is cooking. I also saw her a few days ago, carry her empty bowl that once held her afternoon snack back into the kitchen, up the ladder and placed it by the sink with other dirty dishes. Can't complain about that either. But now she can see and reach items that once were hidden out of sight and thus out of mind to her. The candy jar had to be placed on top of the refrigerator because of temper tantrums when we wouldn't give her one. Long story short, we are running out of places out of her reach to hide things.

Finally, gone are the days when it was a chore to change her diaper. Now when she needs changed we just tell her to get a diaper. She will disappear up to her room and return with a diaper. She then will get her wipes and lay down on her stuffed cushion on the floor. She even tries to pull her pants off though she hasn't been very successful at that. She will even hand us the diaper and lift her butt in the air as we slide the diaper underneath her. I tell you what, as far as diaper changing goes, this is as good as it gets until potty training if completed. Hopefully that comes later this spring or early summer.

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