Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Little Abbey at 19 Months

Just briefly before I dive into the update, yesterday at two I was surprised when the garage door started going up. Mrs. Abbey was home! Now that she has started, she learned more about her schedule and it doesn't sound as bad. She still has the 90-hour weeks and 36 hours on call but every four days, yesterday being one of them, they are released from their duties around noon. Though the roads were horrible due to the high winds blowing snow everywhere, she made it home and we spent the afternoon together as a family once more. Next up will be Saturday, I can't wait.

Little Abbey has teeth 13 & 14 through and 15 & 16 trying to break free. I can see the white tips trying to poke through. Toothy is becoming an apt description.

Although she got some 150 pieces (including a 36 piece plastic tea set and 90 piece foam block/letter/number set) over Christmas that I now have to pick up on a daily basis, her favorite place to be is in the kitchen where it seems we spend a lot of time. She has a little three-rung wooden step stool ladder that she pushed around and climbs up on to watch whatever I am doing in the kitchen. When mom was doing her nesting thing before leaving for her internship, Little Abbey sat on the counter watching the mixer as Mrs. Abbey cranked out deserts, pasta and breads. I could probably eat for the month of stuff that she has prepared ahead of time.

One of Little Abbey's favorite pastime and now mine is unloading the dishwasher. Little Abbey will get the plates, cups, etc. out one at a time and hand to me if they go somewhere up high or if it belongs in one of the lower cabinets she will put it away herself. She just loves doing this and will come running whenever she hears me lower the door down. I'm milking it for all I'm worth before the day comes when I have to bribe her with money to do the same thing.

Slowly, very slowly it seems to an anxious parents, Little Abbey is slowly starting to speak. She speaks a lot and in very sentence sounding structure but we just can't understand it. But now we are starting to understand words here and there and that makes me feel better.

Little Abbey evidently hates leaves we found out this fall which means she is a chip off this old block. However, with 16 inches of snow this past couple of weeks, she does love the snow. That chip must be off her mom's block, as I no longer love the snow as much as I used to.

We attended a non-family Christmas party and Little Abbey broke out of her social butterfly shell and was the star of the evening. She danced around the room and ran around giving everyone 'high fives' often going back for seconds and thirds. She also raided the potato chip bowl quite often and more than once stole a drink of pop out of her mom or dad's cup when they weren't guarding it close enough. We've found that if people just give her time and space, she warms up to almost any stranger but if that person gets too close too fast, she doesn't like that. As far as I'm concerned, I hope this trait lasts for her lifetime.

Well I can't think of anything more though I know there is lots that I'm missing. Perhaps I'll tag it on to the end of other posts as I remember. Thanks for all the well wishing as I was drowning myself in self-pity. Things are looking up and I'm just counting the days until February. 3.5 more days until my wife's next visit and 29 days until her internship is done. Time is moving faster now.

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