Thursday, December 13, 2007

Little Abbey Sweets

A week ago, I was in the mood for some sugar cookies in various holiday shapes and smothered in powdered sugar frosting so I made some. I've found that unless you are quick about eating them and by quick I mean snarfing them down in 1.2 seconds or less, Little Abbey will see you and demand one. Most things it would take her ten minutes to eat through something that size but with the cookies it takes her about 10 seconds and she wants another one.

My wife had a little ornate glass container with a heavy sealed glass lid full of holiday Hershey's Kisses that is on the cedar chest in our great room. It is used only for decoration and we really don't eat out of that container. Little Abbey figured our yesterday how to get it open and came walking into the kitchen to show mom her chocolate treasure that she had in her hands before she popped it in her mouth and started dancing around. Ten minutes later she repeated the same thing, managing to get the tinfoil wrapping off somehow and again popping it into her mouth. Mrs. Abbey decided to curtail this before it could get blown out of proportion and hid the container when Little Abbey wasn't looking. Ten minutes later you could here this whining coming from the great room as someone discovered her sugar fix had been taken away.

Mrs. Abbey made some chocolate cookies a Little Abbey could sense that something was up. They were put on a piece of wax paper on top of the counter to cool and we went into the living room. About ten minutes later we here this scraping across the floor as Little Abbey pushed a small ladder that vertically challenged Mrs. Abbey sometimes used to get into upper cupboards, clear across the room and right up next to the counter. Little Abbey then climbed up the ladder until she could see the cookies and that is when we caught her and gave her the evil eye. She reluctantly climbed back down the ladder but went back several times to check on them the rest of the evening.

So we've learned that although a few months ago Little Abbey really didn't seem to care for sweets, those taste buds have now developed and she craves them. We try to counteract this recent development by keeping a bowl of fruit in sight and it has worked to some extent. Little Abbey goes through a couple bananas a day sometimes plus part of an apple or maybe an orange. But she can point out exactly where every sweet in the house is located even if it is out of reach, out of sight and under lock and key.

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