Friday, November 2, 2007

A Day In My Eyes: Little Abbey at 17 Months

When I wake up in the mornings, it depends on what time I wake up on what I do. If I wake up really early and it is still dark, I just hang out in bed until I hear mommy or daddy make some sound and then I get out of bed by myself and go running into their room. If it is light out already, I just go directly there. Sometimes I would get confused and cry in the middle of the room while holding my bear blankie but now that I'm a big girl at 18 months, that rarely happens anymore.

If it is the weekend when daddy can sleep in, I go to his side of the bed first because he will always lift me up to snuggle and play on the covers in-between them. But on the weekends, I have to run all the way around to the other side. Mommy always laughs because she can just see the top of my head bouncing up and down around the edge of the bed as I run over there. Mommy sometimes just watch me read books and play on the floor from the warmth of the covers but eventually she lets me romp on the bed too.

Eventually I start to get hungry and we all go downstairs. Mommy and daddy can walk down the stairs upright but every time I have tried, I have fallen down them so I still prefer to go backwards. I don't mind because I can go just as fast even pulling a blanket, stuffed toy and whatever else I bring from my bedroom downstairs.

Breakfast is usually oatmeal, cereal, fruit, leftover waffles that daddy made or a combination of them. I really love my oatmeal and even cereal if I get cheerios. Right now they are trying to feed me some rice crispies and I don't like them as much.

When breakfast is over I get to go play for a while. Right now my favorite toy is a little plastic scooter that my parents found at a garage sale. It looks brand new and must have cost a fortune but my parents just say it cost fifty cents whatever that means. I like to go scooting around the house and occasionally put my feet up in the holders and have someone give me a big push. It even has a basket on front to store my blocks and socks when I don't feel like wearing them.

Depending on what mom is doing for the day, I can tell whether I am get to stay home all day or go to Mrs. Z's house. I like staying home but going to Mrs. Z's house a few times a week is a special treat because I get to play with lots of other kids my age and learn new things from them. Today mommy is getting me dressed up in clothes and not letting me play in my pajamas so I know I'm going to Mrs. Z's. I help her out by going to fetch a pair of shoes when she asks and even try putting them on myself. Then I grab my bag and meet her out in the garage where I hop into my blue stroller with big tires for the walk, at least for mommy, over to Mrs. Z's house. As soon as she sets me down, I'm off to find the other kids and get started on playing.

In the afternoon, daddy and mommy come and get me with the blue stroller again but because it has been so nice lately they take the long way home. Sometimes they walk around town pushing me for thirty minutes or more and they have to walk 15 minutes just to get to Mrs. Z's place first! I like riding in the blue stroller staring off at the world around me and watching the leaves fall from the tree. Sometimes I even practice my counting to five but I keep forgetting four and sometimes three. My favorite is to say five, which I shout.

When we get home, I usually have a snack while telling about my day to dad as he sits on the floor with me. Then I play with my toys until one of my parents starts to make supper. Then I like to go into the kitchen and play in the cupboards and drawers to see what kind of mischief I can get into. I really like the metal tongs for some reason but I will always be fond of the Tupperware drawer where I am constantly unstacking and stacking all the different shaped plastic containers.

The evening is always my time to play. Daddy will read me any book that I bring to him. My favorites are the Hungry Caterpillar where I get to count with him, the Yakkity Yak book and the Animal Picture book. I used to really love a Popup Bugeyes Alphabet book but because I ripped off or destroyed most of the popups, I don't like it so much anymore.

When it gets late and I start getting tired I let mommy and daddy know. I sit more still and let my eyelids sink lower over my eyes. Eventually I tell them I'm ready for bed and start climbing the stairs. First we go to the bathroom where I brush my teeth and take a bath if it is bath day. I really love my baths and wish everyday were bath day. After I get my teeth brushed, mommy or daddy will lift me up to the sink where I rinse it out, perhaps do some more brushing and then tap it out on the edge. Then I head to the bedroom where I get changed into my pajamas. Once again, I will go find a book or two to be read to me and then I walk over to my bed, find my bear blanket, crawl onto it in bed and lay down. Mommy and daddy will cover me up with a warm blanket, say my prayers for me, kiss me good night and turn off the light. It's dark in my room but I'm not scared because I'm a big girl now and can just get out whenever I want and go across the hall to their bedroom. But like I said, I'm a big girl now and I only do that in the morning when it is time for them to get up anyway.

Hope you all enjoyed one of my days!

Little Abbey

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