Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Little Abbey at 16 Months

With everything at work starting to slow down to almost human levels of activity and having just completed a short trip that was a completely new experience for me, I completely slipped on the date and just realized a day late, that my Little Abbey is now 16 months old. Since normally that means an update, without further delay in no particular order:

It wasn't all that long ago that she was toothless and well behind her peers. Had she not had an x-ray showing her teeth at an early age for other reasons, I might have gotten a little worried but we knew they were there, just not when they were coming out. Finally they started coming out, and kept coming out and are still coming out. She is up to six teeth on top including one molar and three teeth on bottom also including one molar. I thought we had some time before the molars came in AFTER the rest of her incisors and was thankful because I always heard molars were pretty painful for children. So far, my fears have been unfounded and except for a runny nose and running around feeling her tender gums with a finger, Little Abbey has been teething in stride.

She has also been taking strides backwards which took us by surprised. Walking backwards is a developmental milestone for the 18 month old and since she didn't start walking until late, we figured that one would be late as well. But about two weeks after she first started walking, she looked at us with her mischievous grin and walked backwards until she was against the wall.

Her knowledge of words continue to grow rapidly though up to this point she has chosen not to speak them. We've been working on the parts of the body and she knows where her ears, nose, eyes, mouth, hair, knees and belly button are. On the latter feature when you ask where it is, she will lift up her dress anywhere she happens to be and point to it. Certainly the cutest thing you've ever seen now but something that will surely drive me to an early grave if she continues it when she is older.

Although we have only bought a few toys for her, she always seems to accumulate a pile of them. Everyone seems obligated to bring something for her when visiting and gradually our mound starts getting too high. So just this weekend, we sat down and thinned out the toy pile once again, removing batteries from toys that she no longer plays with and piling everything up in sacks carried down to the basement for some later garage sale. She really doesn't seem to have a favorite toy anymore though her barn and animals that I mentioned before is still up there on the list. Books are perhaps her favorite and she is always retrieving one or four to be read to her. One of her favorite books is a baby's first songs collection that has the lyrics on the pages and the songs on cassette tapes that no longer work in my stereo tape deck. So as she flips the pages we will sing the songs to her for as long as she stays on that page. I've never finished a song yet. It is like her own version of a radio dial and she loves it tremendously.

Little Abbey enjoyed her first time away from us at the grandparents while we were in Chicago. She cried a little when we left but soon was back to her normal mischievous self. My parents did have to hide the photo album from her because she would point to our pictures and say mama and dada and according to my parents always seemed sad when she said it. Stories like that brings a smile to my face. I must be doing something right.

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