Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Meat Filled Vegetarians

I recently received a comment from Woody of Woody's Rocky Ridge blog and as I always do with newcomers to my comment section, I swooped in to check him out. Instantly he struck a chord with me when I read his blog post entitled PETA….Me? and it reminded me of my own dealings with "wanna be hippies born 30 years too late".

I live among a whole flock of such creatures who worship their Hindu Gods and meditate. Part of their brainwashing is to avoid meat so most are vegetarians, at least when around others of their own kind. More on that in a moment. This is also the reason why we have a half dozen strictly vegetarian restaurants in town and why almost all the others offer a selection of vegetarian dishes on their menus. I don't complain because I love my vegetables and there probably isn't another town of 15,000 inhabitants in the world with two French, two Chinese, three Mexican, two Indian, one Thai, one Turkish, one Caribbean, plus more than a dozen assorted normal U.S. fare and assorted fast food restaurants. I've been hunkering for an authentic German restaurant but evidently not many Maharishi hail from Germany.

As I have stated several times before, many of my circle of friends are Maharishi mostly because I am married to a woman native to the Philippines. Many of the Maharishi are from foreign countries and thus tend to congregate together. This circle of friends consist of two parts, those of us who work and live here in town and are Maharishi-lite and those that are students at the University that the Maharishi constructed in the center of the known galaxy which is on the north side of town and are required to follow all his teachings, including vegetarianism.

So it is with great private amusement that I watch them gorge on meat every time they come to one of our social gatherings. I say gorge because they will fill up their plate with whatever dish has meat and then go back later for the vegetable dishes… if they have room. Many a time I have been looking forward to a lumpia shanghai (fried shell filled with pork) only to see nothing but a few crumbs left on the plate and a dozen Maharishi students chowing down with a half dozen on their plate.

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