Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Little Abbey Shorts

I was at the daycare picking up Little Abbey on Monday and Little Johnny who always greets me was his usual excited self. After watching her "swim" for a few minutes, I finally pulled Little Abbey out of the pool much to her displeasure and was toweling her off when I heard Johnny grabbing his throat and gasping. My first reaction was that he was choking but before I could react he started crying. From experience, if you are crying, you are getting air into your lungs and thus aren't choking. After about a minute he called down and we learned that the problem was sour milk. I took a whiff of it and almost gagged it was so sour. Mrs. Z's husband went and got him some fresh milk into Johnny's sippee cup and brought it back. Johnny went to raise it to his lips when another daycare charge bumped his elbow and he jabbed the sippee cup spout right into his eye. Sometimes days are like that and I couldn't help but inwardly chuckle.

Last night Little Abbey must have been hungry even though she had eaten a couple cups of cubed watermelon for snack when she got home at four. Since we were having leftover tacos for supper, something harder to eat with only five teeth, we gave her some other leftovers from our weekend with the Kiwis. She had a cup of fresh corn cut off the cob mixed with a cup of rice. Much to our surprise, she ate the entire bowl and as we sat down for our meal, started whining for more. My wife got up and grabbed a handful of some bunny graham crackers and gave to Little Abbey. She ate those and still wanted more so my wife gave her another handful. When still her appetite hadn't been sated, I peeled a banana and gave her half of it. Within thirty seconds it was gone so I gave her the other half. A minute later it too was gone. At this point, we were out of ideas on what to feed her so I gave her half of a hard taco shell, which she nibbled on for the next fifteen minutes until it was gone. I don't know if she was full after all that but we had finished our supper and she wanted to join up instead. That girl is a bottomless pit when it comes to food.

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