Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I'm eating supper and the sweat is just starting to bead up on my forehead from the spicy yellow rice we are eating along with the fish. My wife is gulping down water with every bite and blowing air through her mouth to cool off the heat from the spices. Little Abbey is pounding fistful of fistful of the spicy concoction into her mouth with gusto. I've come to the conclusion that Little Abbey absolutely loves spicy foods, which makes me wonder why all baby foods you get from the store are so bland. Time and time again she has shown us that she loves and has no apparent side effects from eating spicing food so we just let her have whatever it is and let her make the call. On this particular night there was rice on one side, fish on the other and a lumpia shanghai (pork filled Filipino delicacy) at the top. She immediately ate the lumpia after much gumming and chewing with her five teeth and then ate all the rice. She only ate a little bit of the fish but I think that was mostly because she was full.

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