Monday, May 21, 2007

If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Again. You May Snag the Other Sister!

The young man had been "after" the girl for a while and he had decided that tonight was the night. So on a hot summer Saturday night, he laced up his roller skates and pushed off into the traffic of other skaters looping in circles around the rink to the music. Soon he worked his way into position near the girl and struck up a conversation. After an appropriate amount of time, he asked her out on a date and was disappointed when she said she was already seeing someone.

Later that evening still at the skating rink, the young man spotted another slightly younger girl that took his breath away. He observed from a distance and as she began to take off her skates to leave, so did he. As she got into her car to drive home, he followed behind in his to see where she lived. She pulled into the driveway of a house and the young man slowly drove by making note of the number before driving on to his house.

Sunday afternoon as the younger girl was eating dinner with her sisters and parents, the young man pulls into the drive. The younger girl's older sister exclaimed to her parents that the young man was the same man who had tried picking her up at the skating ring the previous evening and obviously wasn't going to take no for an answer. So the father of the two girls answered the door expecting to tell the young man that no meant no except the young man didn't ask for Loise, the older sister. Instead he asked for Ardeth the younger sister.

He said he wanted to go to a movie and stopped by to see if Ardeth would like to join him. Ardeth was shocked, her father was shocked and perhaps most shocked was Loise. The father was so impressed that the young man named Ken had come to ask permission to ask his daughter out that he could only consent to the movie date. Ardeth consented too and the rest was history.

"You mean that Grandma's father allowed you to take out one sister the day after you got rejected by the older sister," I asked?

"Well Loise was never too friendly with me for a couple years until Ardeth and I got married anyway but what could your great grandfather do? It was after all a Sunday and nothing much can happen on a Sunday," said my grandpa.

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