Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Little Abbey Update: Part Two

At one point I was wishing that my daughter would hurry up and perfect the pincer technique so that she could feed herself. But as W.W. Jacobs pointed out over a hundred years ago in his short story "The Monkey's Paw", everything comes with a price. The price I paid is that my daughter has turned into a human vacuum cleaner. At least three or four times every evening I find her picking out some speck of debris on our hardwood floors and about half those times I catch it on the way to her mouth. I really don't want to know how many I've missed. Just the other night, we saw her sitting on the floor with her hand buried up to the hilt in her mouth. We both knew she had just eaten something she had found but didn't know what. Before we could react she puller her hand from her mouth and we saw a cheerio sticking to her saliva on her hand. She picked it with her other hand and promptly ate it. Does the three-second rule apply to cheerios?

Baby Rule 2: You can have the cleanest floor in the world and a baby will find some speck that you missed, guaranteed.

Little Abbey has for a long time been able to stand when you put her in a standing position next to something she can grab on too. But she shocked us both a week ago when she was sitting on her changing table ready to get into her jammies for bedtime. She reached over, grabbed the rail to her crib and pulled herself into a standing position and then stood there smirking at us. The very next day I got out the wrench and lowered her crib mattress to the lowest position and raised the railings to the highest. That should keep her contained for another week until she figures out how to climb over it.

Little Abbey will no longer take naps in her playpen downstairs but still takes naps upstairs in her crib. In the past, if she was tired, she fell to sleep almost immediately and only fussed when you put her down for a nap and she thought she wasn't tired. Now if she isn't tired, she just rolls around in her bed and babbles to herself for a half hour (her approximate nap time) and then hollers for us to come get her. The only time she fusses during her nap time even when she is awake is if she gets a leg or two through her crib slats and can't get them back out. I assume by next week when she finds her forward gear this too will no longer be an issue.

The last update item that I can think of to blather on about is one of clothes. Already, we are tossing clothes labeled for 9 to 12 month old babies into a large box because they don't fit. Most of the time they don't fit length wise but lately it has been girth wise as well. Just the other day she went to crawl and burst the lower snaps on her one-piece outfit so that her entire behind was exposed as she crawled in reverse around the house. Fortunately we are in a sharing arrangement with another baby who is 11 months older than Little Abbey so we recycled those clothes. None of our friends that live nearby have children that are younger than Little Abbey and of the same sex so for now, our clothes just pile up in a box that will probably be stored until any future children's sex have been determined.

Well that's all for now. Little Abbey has her checkup on Friday so there may be a brief follow-up splurb if anything is worthy of sharing.

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