Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ted and the Steak Dinner

My dog Ted was a free range dog, the only kind that should be legally allowed in my opinion. Back before his arthritis from being shot had really started to set in, he spent his days roaming destinations unknown to us, leaving in the morning and coming back in the evening… sometimes. Sometimes he came back with nothing other than a tongue hanging out of his mouth in need of water, other times with assorted scrapes, cuts and bleedings wounds and once with something quite unexpected.

My parents were on a vegetarian kick at one point and a good steak was scarcer around our farm than a nun at a bachelor party. Back in those days, I went to great efforts to get some meat in my diet and how this comes into play with this story you will soon see.

During a nice late summer day as the temperatures were falling with an approaching harvest, I was out helping my dad in the shop preparing some equipment. Because of the still fairly mild temperatures, the big sliding shop doors were open to allow the breeze to blow by. It was a glorious day. Shortly before lunch, when I happened to glance outside, I saw something in our neighbor's field coming towards us. As it got closer, I saw that it was Ted but he had something white on his head. He disappeared when he came to the fencerow as he found some ditch to crawl underneath the lower strands of wire and a couple minutes later trotted back into view. In his mouth I could now plainly see a white paper package of sorts.

Ted trotted just inside the doors of the shop, lay down, and proceeded to carefully unwrap his white package by gingerly tearing off strips of white paper. Next he pulled off a piece of plastic letting it blow further into the show on the breeze and finally I could see exactly what it was he found. There on the shop floor were two of the nicest and largest T-bone steaks I had ever seen. I could only watch with envy as Ted proceeded to wolf down the meat and spend the remaining time before we went to lunch gnawing on the bones. Later as I was eating my vegetable stew while he sunned himself contentedly on the front lawn, I wondered were he had found those steaks and wondered if maybe I found them they would still be good.

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