Friday, December 1, 2006

Little Abbey Update

Well I don't have any post completed for today so I thought I would just do a quick Little Abbey update today on her six month birthday. My how time flies!

Recently, actually yesterday, she developed two new skills that probably won't win her many boyfriends if she retains them. She can purse her lips now and blow loud raspberries several seconds long and keep doing it for ten minutes or better before she tires out. I don't know where she picked that skill up but it wasn't from me. The second skill is sticking out her tongue and this one I have to plead guilty to teaching her since I stick my tongue out at her all the time. She hasn't mastered sticking out her tongue and blowing raspberries yet which would be a useful skill when the time comes. ;)

Her feeding it going well and she is eating a third cup of solid food twice a day and sometimes as much as a half cup twice a day if it is something she likes. Those likes include applesauce, peaches and amazingly squash. Her dislike is plain oatmeal of which I was able to feed her perhaps a quarter of a teaspoon total. The rest ended up all over her face clothes and even me. I don't blame her. Who likes plain oatmeal? We also feed her scraps of whatever we are eating as long as it isn't meat (which the pediatrician recommended not feeding her yet) or something bound to cause gas. Once she was so excited to eat our enchiladas that violated both those rules, we gave her some cheerios. She ate the first half dozen or so fine and enjoyed them but choked a little on the the last one. We decided to wait a month or so more on those.

Little Abbey is rolling over quite frequently and easily now. This is good and bad. Good because she gets a lot more tummy time now if she starts it. I would guess she probably gets a half hour on my shift and who knows how much at Mrs. Z's place. The bad news is that she sometimes gets her arm hung up which prevents her from rolling back onto her back and meaning I have to come rescue her only to have her do the same thing again five minutes later.

She is getting closer to sitting all the time and we practice it every evening. She likes being higher and seeing all her kingdom of toys spread out before her but just can't quite hold her upper torso up yet. She needs to strengthen those biceps just a little more.

We've been thinking she has been on the verge of sprouting a tooth for a month now. You can see them pressing against the gum and she is drooling and chewing on things like crazy but a tooth has yet to emerge. I suppose I shouldn't be too anxious as this could mean many sleepless nights looking after a baby in pain.

Today is her birthday and I've made a pineapple upside down cake for the celebration. To top it off, my company is having a Christmas party for all the children of the employees this afternoon so she will get to go to that as well. It should be an exciting time. I still can't believe half a year has gone by already! I only have 35 more half years before she goes to college!

She has a pile of toys given to her as gifts and yet she has a new favorite toy. Just give her a newspaper or piece of paper and she is good to go for an hour. However, this needs to be done with a pacifier in the mouth. Once I turned my back and she spit her pacifier out and starting chewing on a newspaper. When I looked back, she had ink all over her hands and face. Yuck! Fortunately, it didn't appear that she ingested too much and I won't worry unless she starts pooping in sentences!

Her demand for the pacifier is much less these days. In the evenings, she probably has her pacifier in less than a third of the time and rarely sleeps with it in. She starts bed time with it in but always seems to spit it out in a couple minutes as she drifts off to sleep. I'm hoping that she is weaning herself from them.

Finally, her desire to talk seems to have waned. She is much more interested in whats for dinner or chewing on some toy than talking to me. She still squeals and occasionally babbles but hasn't yet started mimicing us which is one of her next milestones. She also chortles but hasn't yet given a full blown tummy rolling laugh yet.

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