Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Little Abbey Update

Last week was Little Abbey's sixth month checkup even though she was already two weeks past her birthday. For some reason, the pediatrician clinic that we go to has about three or four days a month in which you can schedule your appointment with a particular doctor. Initially we jumped around through several pediatrician after our favorite one ended up moving to California. Now we have settled on one we like but the first day he was available past December 1rst when she turned six months was on December 12th. What can you do?

We showed up right on time and waited our normal hour before we actually got to see the pediatrician. In the meantime, measurements showed that Little Abbey was still off the growth chart in height topping in at 27" long and was in the 50th percentile for weight at 16 lbs. 6 oz, almost ten pounds more than what she came into life at. Judging by how I feel after lugging her around in her car seat for a half hour, I would have guessed she weighed about 50 lbs more. According to the doctor, she has the perfect body build. I'm thinking I need to make sure we get an older pediatrician the next time around.

Little Abbey way in perfect health, a far cry from her first few minutes in life where she actually stopped breathing. Already, the mental image in my head of her being 'bagged' by the doctor seems to have lost reality and is nothing like the happy baby I have today.

But not everything or should I say everyone is happy. Little Abbey seems to have developed stranger anxiety a bit early in life. Every baby generally goes through this phase beginning at one year of age but she seems to have developed it early. A couple times when guests come for a visit at our house, she become inconsolable and during the visit to the doctors office she was also inconsolable. Me personally, I think that since she had her shots just the week before, has learned to identify doctor-type offices as not pleasant experiences. I harbor the same feelings so I can't say I blame her. Besides, having her afraid of a doctor who says she has the perfect body build seems like a pretty good thing.

On to other things. Little Abbey is still drinking less than the doctor recommended amount of milk on a daily basis. My wife, being from a third world country was a little bit worried, but I living in the land of the obese, think it is probably a good thing. Besides, she is eating solid food to the tune of 3/4 or 1 cup at a time when according to the doctors should be no more than a few tablespoons. Sometimes, she wants to eat it so fast that I have a hard time keeping up which causes her to squirm with impatientness. I can't wait until she develops the ability to pinch food and feed herself, which probably isn't too far off. I also recently learned that mashed peas are tasty, whole peas just come out in the endÂ? if you know what I mean.

Physically, Little Abbey is catching up quickly to her peers. She was a little behind 'the average' mostly because she is so tall and requires more strength to do similar things. Within the last couple weeks, she is able to sit up for several minutes on her own before she loses balance and tips over, usually while in the process of reaching for the toy farthest from her. She also can stand for a minute or two when supported for balance and spins quite a bit of time standing in her saucer while she plays. I guess it is because she has a better view when she stands up. It is quite comical to watch her lunch this way and that in her saucer as she plays or cranes her body for a better look at us.

She still hates her tummy time and I have to flip her over many times a day when she rolls over and can't get rolled back over due to an arm getting hung up or toys blocking the path. However, this may be a good thing because just the other day when she was upset of being trapped on her tummy, she achieved full crawling position for a few seconds. Her legs were underneath her and her arms were holding up the torso at full extension. But after a few seconds she collapsed back to the blanket, buried her head in one of her stuffed animals and gave this fake 'whoa is me' sob like we were torturing her. I know if is fake because as soon as I turn her over again she is all smiles until she rolls onto her tummy again.

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