Thursday, October 12, 2006

Them Low Down Dirty Dishwasher Dealers Part Two

I had really thought that the last post was the last post on that subject. But time has proven me wrong. One of the reasons we bought our dishwasher right away was because of the Sears Price Guarantee which states that if you appliance of greater than $300 goes on sale within the next three days for cheaper than you paid for it either at their store or any competitor's store, they will refund the difference plus ten percent of the difference.

The told us this as we were discussing whether the current sale that offered free shipping was going to be for a while. They told us that the particular sale ended today and then gave us the Price Guarantee spiel. They repeated the spiel as I was paying with my MasterCard at the register. But knowing that the sale was ending in a couple hours, I didn't expect that the Price Guarantee was going to apply to me. So imagine my surprise when I opened up the Sears ad three days later for the exact same store where we made the purchase that had our dishwasher on sale again for $15 less than what we paid for it. By my calculations, we had $16.50 coming to us and I was thinking, a free meal out on the town this weekend.

Because of the item number on our receipt was the wrong washer and also not on sale and the store hadn't issued me a new receipt after they had corrected their mistake posted about in the previous blog, I decided that we needed to collect on this money sooner rather than later so that memories would still be fresh. So three days after they delivered the correct machine, I walked into the store. The lady that sold me the machine spotted me and I told her what I was after. She agreed, took my ad, receipt and walked up to the register. A minute later, she confirmed what I had suspected, that they hadn't corrected the last mistake and they still had the wrong model number listed in the transaction, which she added was the reason their part count had been off over the weekend. She corrected that and gave me a new receipt with the correct number on it. That was when things broke down.

During the correcting of the receipt, she again realized that because of their mistake, I had gotten a dishwasher for $100 less than what it was supposed to sell for, $50 more than what I had believed in my last blog post. Now I was trying to hit her up for another $16.50 and I could see her starting to think of ways out of the situation. To me, it was their mistake and even though I got the dishwasher for $100 cheaper, they were still currently selling it for $15 cheaper than what I had paid for it so they had to be still making some profit on it. She just looked at it as more money out of her pocket.

And so came the excused. She initially told me that because I had already gotten $100 off on the machine, they couldn't give me the Price Guarantee. I told her that it wasn't my fault she had made a mistake and now she was penalizing me for it. She then said that I had paid with a MasterCard and that the Price Guarantee was for the Sears card only. I told her that it doesn't say anything about how the purchase was paid for in the Guarantee. By then, both her associates had joined her and all three were now working me over with excuses. The final excuse was because I had gotten free shipping on the purchased dishwasher, they couldn't stack offers because it was illegal. They could refund me the $16.50 but then I would have to pay $65 for the two deliveries, not mentioned that one of the deliveries was correcting their mistake.

Twenty minutes later, I had gotten nowhere and I knew that my time would be spent better elsewhere. I gave up, took my corrected receipt but forgot my sale ad and went home where I wrote a Dale Carnegie type letter to Sear's corporate office. If that doesn't pan out, letters to my editor are next. This is war!

Post Addendum: Sears corporate office sent me a generic letter with a case number saying they would call me soon about the Price Guarantee for my TIRES. They called later the following day and after about five minutes on the phone, they are sending me a $20 gift certificate in the mail, because they can only do amounts in $20 increments. They are also contacting my local Sears branch and are going to "correct" them in the proper procedures for issuing Price Guarantees. How I would love to be a fly on their wall when that happens.

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