Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We Interrupt Our Regular Programming For a Little Abbey Update

I have interrupted my babbling on building houses to bring you a Little Abbey update on recent happenings. Nothing major, just giving those who need a baby fixes their fix.

Little Abbey is definitely "talking" a lot more these days. It started out in the mornings when she seems to be the happiest but is spreading throughout the day. Mostly it is just a vowel sound here or there and nothing continuous but it is still more than a few weeks ago when I heard her first sound followed by several days of nothing.

She is gaining control of her motor functions but still hasn't mastered voluntarily hanging or hitting something. She is quite adept at pulling her pacifier out but always when she accidentally hooks a finger in it while rubbing her face. When we put her in the crib to watch the mobile bears go around in circles, she gets so excited that her legs and arms are constantly moving around. In the morning when she is excitedly awaiting her feeding, she does this as well. Fortunately, she doesn't do this while feeding which could make it much more challenging.

Although during stomach time, she can lift her head up for a few seconds and change sides (that she is looking), it isn't for longer than a few seconds. She hasn't been able to lift her upper torso up yet but I'm sure that will come with the motor control of her hands. However, when sitting on daddy's lap for a horsy ride, she can keep her head upright now without any guidance from me. It still bobbles side to side now and then but who doesn't when they are hungry or tired?

Through constant diligence, the diaper rashes haven't reappeared in awhile and she is content in that aspect. She is also getting more regular in her "movements" so she is a chip off my block for sure. For some reason, she really enjoys getting her diaper changed. She can be screaming bloody murder and as soon as I begin to remove the old diaper to put the new one on, she stops and happily smiles and coos at me while I change her. If she is still upset, crying will begin again as I remove her from the changing table.

The swaddling has about come to an end with Little Abbey. She enjoys it for sure but wakes up every morning with a messy kimono belt instead of a swaddle. I'm afraid that soon the belt will start coming free and present a hazard. We do have some sleep sacks, which is like a dress with a zippered in bottom to it that we will try out. It's such a shame because Little Abbey really likes her swaddling.

We are also beginning to transition into daycare by weaning her from mother's breast during the daytime and strictly bottle feeding her. Hopefully we can gradually do this over the next few weeks until my wife starts work in September so that she will be ready to go for the babysitter. Still haven't finalized the babysitter yet as we are waiting for our first choice to get back from her honeymoon. Maybe Little Abbey can cure her from starting a family right away!

Although she can push herself around a little on her back, she needs a surface to press against such as the sides of a changing table or our bodies. Sometimes she moves around in her crib but I think it is mostly inertia from her excited leg kicking and a slippery surface.

Little Abbey has been pretty good about sleeping through the night. Mostly we can put her to bed around nine and she will wake up sometime between 4:30 and 7:00. She slips occasionally like last night where she woke up at 10:30 after being to bed for only an hour but I think that was due to a really wet diaper. In the last week, she sleeps through the night four times for every once that she wakes up in the middle of the night. Now that we are transitioning to bottle-feeding more often, I'm going to have to start taking my turn for the middle of the night slips and let mother and breasts sleep.

Speaking of breasts, we ended up buying a top of the line Medulla pump for her to use while home. What a difference in quality between it and the high end Wal-Mart version we had before. The Medulla pump could suck the socks off the Wal-Mart pump that I took great delight in returning after two months of use for a full refund. (Stick it to the enemy!) The new one is much faster and does a better job leading to less problems and more expressed milk to bottle feed later. When my wife goes to work, she will just have to get a hose kit and bring her own storage containers and she will be able to pump during work and bring home. Her employer has a special room for this and supports mothers doing so which I'm sure pays off in employee retainership after the maternity leave is over.

Well that's all that I can think of posting. She's a happy camper and we love having her around. Maybe in sixteen years when she wants to pierce her tongue to spite us, I may rethink that last bit.

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