Thursday, March 10, 2005

Great Grandma Ramie

I asked my father about his side of the family that is documented all the way back to Virginia in the 1760's and we talked about that for a while but one story in particular stood out in my head. As a child, my father, aunt, and grandparents drove over to my great-grandmother Ramie's house to pick her up and all go to the greenhouse to buy some spring plants for the garden. Great-grandmother Ramie sat between my father and his sister as they started down the road but before they had gone too far she died right there in the car between them. So they drove back to the house and my grandfather carried Ramie into the house and laid her on the bed. After my father told us this story, I asked him if it had been a traumatic experience for him. He said, "Well, we missed out on going to the greenhouse" in such a straight faced matter of fact way that struck me as hilarious. For his defense, he was a small child at the time and probably didn't fully comprehend the situation until later.

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