Monday, January 3, 2005

Rain, Ice and Rock

All the world's sound had been reduced to the pitter patter of the falling rain slapping the rocks at my feet. I was dry under the sandstone overhang but the air's chill was slowly starting to creep in around my body's perimeter and I knew that soon I would have to start the long hike back to keep warm, but for now I was content to sit where I was and watch the icicles forming on the overhang. The trees nearby groan in the cold wind with their icy burdens but the rocks are holding strong.... for now. Soon the sun would come out and release the bond that joins ice to rock, sending them crashing into the void below to perish in the cold emerald green waters of the Buffalo River while the rock lives to fight another day, another rain. I too, hope to be here another day and watch another battle between rain, ice and rock.

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