Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Walking Away - Chapter 15: Donald Makes a Decision

Up ahead in the glow of some approaching headlights, Donald thought he saw someone walking across the road carrying a load of something on their back. He focused on the spot where the person had disappeared in the shadows for a moment and then focused back on the approaching lights now rounding the curve. In a split second, he realized that the lights belonged to a pickup truck now fully in his lane and heading right at him. He cranked his wheel hard to the left but not fast enough. The truck smashed into the rear passenger side of the RV with a sickening crunching sound sending every loose object, including his wife, flying. Momentum, kept the RV going straight off the outside of the curve and into the woods, the branches flailing at the windshield and sides. Donald, with hands still on the wheel, was tugging for all he was worth trying to steer back towards the vicinity of the road. A loud thud caused him to look up just in time to see a large sweet gum tree directly in his path. The last thing he heard was the implosion of glass.

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