Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Government of the People and For the People

Political ads, political rhetoric, political parties political promises, political lies, political corruption...... our political system is broke and it isn't going to get any better without some radical changes. It is no longer of the people or for the people. I have mulled over several ideas over the years and I am just going to throw them into the blog-o-sphere and see how they look in print.
Eliminate political parties. In my government there are no republicans, democrats or anything in-between. You are an individual and don't cater to anyone else. This means that our election process has to be done differently and I've got ideas for that.

Our state senators and representatives would be elected by a modified jury system. Keeping the same districts, a jury pool of randomly selected people would be chosen to represent the state. They would be given one month to create a resume and to write out their views on various issues. The rest of us could research into their backgrounds for any reasons why we don't want them as part of the government. At the end of the month, by popular vote, the general populous elects two senators from the state wide jury pool and each district also selects a representative from their district jury pool. These senators and representatives would get to serve the same length terms as currently and at the end of the term, one month before the general elections, would undergo a "am I doing a good job vote?" It the majority says yes, they would serve their second and last term. If no, the jury pool is randomly selected and the process starts over again. These jurors that do get elected to office would naturally receive some perks. They would get paid their current salary or current congressional salary, which ever is higher, as an incentive. They would be provided with a place to live in Washington DC free of charge along with all their basic needs. Their employer would be compensated and the employee guaranteed a job when they returned from 'duty.' Their current residence would be taken care of by a housekeeping service and their rent or mortgage payments paid. People would always have the option to take themselves out of the jury pool for family, medical or other reasons and could resign at any time. They would be replaced by a backup juror.

Presidents would be elected similarly. Out of all the state elected jurors, their first job would be to select a pool of potential presidential candidates from their ranks. They would be given a set allotment of cash, TV and radio time, etc. from the government to research their political views and cabinet candidates (which don't have to come from the jury pool) and present their cases to the public. Not one dime from political interest groups, political party groups would be given to the candidates. A popular vote of the general populous would elect the president for a four year term. Another "am I doing a good job vote" would be held with the same results as the congressional jurors. If either the congress person or president fail to garner 50% favor in the "good job vote" they could not run for a second term for any reasons.

I think this method could work all the way down to the city government level. It eliminated months of lies and having to vote for corrupt politicians who make a living from being a politician. We eliminate the influence of the rich or everyone else in the form of political interest committees and having the money to finance a campaign. Most importantly, we return our government to one of the people and for the people.

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